Agricultural Sustainability and Climate Impacts Lab

Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
Colorado State University

Research Foci

Agricultural Sustainability

How can we achieve a better balance between food production and the health of global environmental systems?

Recent and current research:

Mapping global yield gaps and the relationships between yield gaps and management practices

Identifying spatially optimal patterns of nitrogen use to minimize nitrogen pollution

Mapping global water stress and its drivers, including climate variability and water for food and energy

Climate Impacts and Adaptation

How will agricultural systems be impacted be climate change, and how can farmers adapt to new conditions?

Recent and current research:

Identifying the extent to which regional climate trends are influenced by changes in land management practices

Tracking trends in extreme temperatures across global breadbaskets

Identifying the effectiveness of adaptation actions – from local changes in management to migration of crop areas

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Postdoc Position in Ag Climate Impacts
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