Research in the ASCI Lab makes use of a wide variety of regional to global land use and climate datasets. Many of the datasets developed by members of the lab and our collaborators are made available on the Earthstat website. Below we provide some additional links and resources.

Fertilizer Data

  • Global, crop specific fertilizer data from Mueller et al. 2012 are available on Zenodo.
  • In addition, some of these data are available on Earthstat (“Fertilizer application for Major Crops”), including data on manure application and deposition (for N).

Crop Data

  • Global gridded crop harvested area and yield data are available on Earthstat.
  • Tabular US crop data is available from the USDA NASS QuickStats website.
  • Country-level crop area and yield data are available from FAOSTAT.
  • Global historical irrigation data are made available by Siebert et al. here.