Nathan D. Mueller, Associate Professor

Nathan Mueller is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University. His work explores agricultural sustainability and climate change impacts using spatial data science at regional to global scales. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota and his BA from St. Olaf College. Nathan was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University and served on the faculty of UC Irvine before joining CSU. He is a recipient of the AGU Global Environmental Change Early Career Award and the FFAR New Innovator Award.

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Eva Kinnebrew, Postdoctoral Researcher

Eva is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Ecosystem Science & Sustainability at Colorado State University. Her research interests include land use change, agroecology, climate change, biodiversity, and environmental justice. At CSU, she will be studying the impacts of changing water resources on agriculture. Eva received her PhD in early 2022 from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, where she researched relationships between agriculture and soil biodiversity as well as land use change in Latin America.

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Eunkyoung Choi, PhD Student

Eunkyoung (Kyoung) is a PhD student in the Ecosystem Sustainability program at Colorado State University. Her research interests include the water-food-energy-climate nexus as well as climate risk assessment and management in agriculture. She received her masters in Atmospheric Sciences in 2020 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she studied environmental effects on net land carbon flux in the present and future. Prior to her graduate studies, she was an environmental consultant working in South Korea and Japan. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, swimming, and dancing.

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Avery Driscoll, PhD Student

Avery is a PhD student in the Soil and Crop Science program at Colorado State University and a trainee in the InTERFEWS program. Her research interests include understanding feedbacks between cropping systems and climate change and equipping growers with management tools to adapt to changing conditions. Before joining the lab, she received her BS from Westminster College and studied desert plant ecophysiology using stable isotopes and eddy covariance at the University of Utah.

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Marian Hsieh, PhD Student

Marian is a PhD student in the Ecosystem Sustainability program at Colorado State University. Her research interests broadly include the intersection of plant-environment-human health in response to changing climate. She received her BS from the University of Washington, focusing in plant ecophysiology. Before joining the lab, she worked with crop-microbe interactions and biotechnology, and spatial analysis of public health data in Seattle.



Lindsey Sloat (Postdoctoral Scholar, 2018–2021): Research Associate, Land and Carbon Watch, World Resources Institute

Yue Qin (Postdoctoral Scholar, 2017–2019): Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering,
Peking University

Maria Gisbert-Queral (Master’s Student, 2019–2020): Technology Consultant and Innovation Management, Technology Centre of Catalonia

Undergraduate Students and Visitors: Soleil Culley, Lena Kabeshita (CSU SCS Practicum), Quinn Herbine (USDA REEU Fellow), Maria Valenzuela (UCI CAMP Summer Scholar), Tarun Patel, Saleh AlDilaijan, Daniel Muñoz Flores (USDA WRPI Intern), and Tyanna Bui